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FarmGirl Garden design/install
FarmGirl is owned and operated by Lauri
Newman-Waters in Asheville, NC. Lauri is an experienced landscape and garden designer and installer, flower farmer, floral designer, mosaic artist and training herbalist. FarmGirl specializes in using WNC natives; designing edible landscapes, beautiful food and medicine producing gardens, water features, stonework and their installations.

Ecological Design & Installations

Combing Nature, Science & Art... to design and install beautiful, healthy and useful gardens and landscapes. Giving humans, plants and wildlife an opportunity to have a "fruitful" relationship with their natural environment.

FarmGirl Ethics
FarmGirl is enviormentally minded and low impact. We never use chemicals, and only use tracors/heavy machinery when really needed. 


  • Insist on Rights of Humanity & Nature to coexist.

  • Recognize Interdependence.

  • Respect Relationships between Spirit & Matter.

  • Accept Responsibility for the Consequences of Design.

  • Create Safe Objects of Long-Term Value.

  • Eliminate the Concept of Waste.

  • Rely on Natural Energy Flows.

  • Understand the Limitations of Design.

  • Seek Constant Improvement by the Sharing of Knowledge.

  • Understand the Land.

  • Think of Long Term Consequences of Actions.

  • Use Low Energy & Biological Systems.

  • Amend the Soil.

  • Use Native Species.

  • Plan for High Density & Low Impact.

  • Be Diverse.

  • Integrate Food Growing.

  • Reforest/Preserve Forest.

  • Recycle Waste.

  • Stack Functions.

FarmGirl is enviormentally minded and low impact, therefore use NO chemicals EVER.  We only use tractor/heavy machinery when really needed.

FarmGirl Ethics

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