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FarmGirl Garden Design
FarmGirl is owned and operated by Lauri
Newman-Waters in Asheville, NC. Lauri is an experienced landscape/garden designer since 2006 and will design to your desires, using edibles, natives, medicinals, etc...Combining Nature, Science & Art... to design and install beautiful, healthy and useful gardens and landscapes. Giving humans, plants and wildlife an opportunity to have a "fruitful" relationship with their natural environment. Lauri can plan for a longer term install to be done in phases, helping envision the perfect landscape for your home, or place of business.

FarmGirl Installations

Our team has the knowledge and takes the time to do things right the first time. That means planting trees/plants so they will not only survive, but, will also thrive, mulching/edging beds so weed supression is easy, making sure hardscaping doesn't go soft....making it less expensive in the long run. We work hard to get the job done and see the project finished.

FarmGirl Services:
FarmGirl offers consultations, design, installations, and upscale bi-weekly property management. Rock work, cardboard/mulch, planting trees, fruit tree pruning, general pruning, ecologically minded pest/disease control, small tree removal, tractor work, raised beds, urban farming, etc.

  • Understand the Land.

  • Think of Long Term Consequences of Actions.

  • Use Low Energy & Biological Systems.

  • Amend the Soil.

  • Use Native Species.

  • Plan for High Density & Low Impact.

  • Be Diverse.

  • Integrate Food Growing.

  • Reforest/Preserve Forest.

  • Recycle Waste.

  • Stack Functions.

FarmGirl Ethics

FarmGirl is enviormentally minded and low impact, therefore use NO chemicals EVER.  We only use tractor/heavy machinery when really needed. We always keep in mind the other life around us.

  • Insist on Rights of Humanity & Nature to coexist.

  • Recognize Interdependence.

  • Respect Relationships between Spirit & Matter.

  • Accept Responsibility for the Consequences of Design.

  • Create Safe Objects of Long-Term Value.

  • Rely on Natural Energy Flows.

  • Understand the Limitations of Design.

  • Seek Constant Improvement by the Sharing of Knowledge.

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